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Sports Chiropractor, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Melissa's focus is on educating and empowering individuals to find success in achieving their goals. She has a genuine desire to alleviate short term pain while also addressing aspects of daily life or movement that may be contributing to the problem. Melissa consistently strives to provide optimal patient care by getting to know the person behind the goal and utilizes a person-centred approach to be their best advocate. She takes a holistic approach by considering nutrition, sleep and stress and making sure you get the right treatment you need, whether she provides it or not. Melissa uses manual therapy including spinal and extremity manipulation or mobilization, soft tissue therapy and acupuncture. Her rehab approach focuses on achieving high movement quality and strengthening the areas that are needed to perform the sport you play or activities you want to do.

Melissa is also completing her PhD at Ontario Tech University in Community, Population and Public Health. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, working out, playing soccer and reading.



Chiropractor, Registered Massage Therapist

Ben's focus is on movement, strength, and joint health for life and sport. He is passionate about guiding patients to gain an understanding of their body and to support them as they work to achieve their goals and fitness aspirations. He believes pain management is important, but also emphasizes active rehab through strength and conditioning to help clients become a stronger version of themselves. His treatment plan uses a combination of spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, joint mobilization, acupuncture, and exercise to promote longevity in sport and healthy ageing. He has a wide range of experience with young, semi-professional, and professional athletes as they navigate the specific demands and injuries associated with their sport. Whether you are looking to return to sport, resolve an injury, or looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Ben is here to help educate and create a well-balanced routine for you.

Outside of the clinic, Ben is an avid runner, cyclist, racquet sport enthusiast, trail hiker, skier, and pizza lover. 


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Strength and Conditioning Coach

Alex is a Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and is currently applying her skills as a chiropractic intern at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Alex has a special interest in sports rehabilitation and performance, and helping athletes of all ages and abilities. Having worked with a diverse range of athletes and sports teams including soccer, hockey, rugby, swimming, gymnastics, and powerlifting, Alex is able to serve the unique needs of everyone she works with.

Alex is passionate about educating her clients about movement and providing them with the tools to take care of their own health, manage recovery from injury, and optimize performance. Alex takes the time to understand you as an individual, including your goals and lifestyle, to provide a personalized approach to training and rehabilitation.

In her spare time, Alex enjoys spending time outside, paddling, painting, cooking and is a competitive powerlifter.


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Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jennifer recently graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelors of Kinesiology where she gained extensive knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and rehabilitation. While pursuing her degree, she also gained experience with personal training and coaching varsity athletes as a strength and conditioning coach. Her goal as a strength coach is to translate her knowledge and passion for exercise and fitness to help clients reach their goals and reach their full potential. Jen will always prioritize an individual's needs when working with clients and will provide modifications when necessary.

In her free time, Jen enjoys playing softball and tennis, and also has an interest in olympic weightlifting. She loves spending time with her family and finds joy in making music on the violin.



Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mustafa is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who graduated with a Master of Professional Kinesiology from the University of Toronto. He loves working with team sport athletes, specifically soccer, basketball, football and hockey, the same sports he grew up watching and playing. When working with Mustafa, whether private or team sessions, you can expect it all to begin with a discussion around your specific goals and expectations, and a series of fitness assessments to gather baseline measurements. This allows him to design the most effective training program to help you reach your goals. While Mustafa’s areas of expertise include improving speed, strength, power and mobility; some of the most crucial factors of sport performance for any competitive athlete, his primary focus will always be to address the athlete’s goals and needs based on their sport and position.


During his free time, Mustafa enjoys playing chess, working out, and trying out new restaurants. He loves to unwind by going camping and being one with nature, and travelling to a new destination when the opportunity presents itself.

Our Trusted Network

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Strength and Conditioning Coach

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Mental Performance Consultant



Registered Dietician, Sports Nutritionist

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